Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Apple for the teacher

Hi everyone, been so busy lately ive not managed to update the blog so here goes,
I made Poppie's teachers a very unique leaving gift, Poppie is going into the Juniors in September :( my baby !!!

I made up a 5inch butter sponge mix and cooked in small pudding tins, once cooled I carved into my apple shapes and covered with white fondant,
I made my stalks and leaves out of coloured flower paste and left to dry,
I then sprayed the apples green with a hint of rosey red with my airbrush :) i'm loving my airbrush, I was so pleased with the colour, proper granny smiths I think with a hint of red, I think fixed on my leaves and stalk with a little royal icing, and hey presto a very unique gift that all the teachers loved!

Thank you for looking

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